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OGP Fusion - Large Field of View Multisensor Measurement System

OGP - Fusion

              Florida Metrology, LLC is excited to be part of the cutting edge of Multisensor Metrology. Many high precision manufacturers are already familiar with the myriad of Multisensor Measurement systems. One of the more common types is the 2D Large-Field-of-View (LFOV) systems. Due to its commonality nearly every company producing video measurement equipment markets its own 2D LFOV system, which have varying levels of capability. 

              Optical Gaging Products (OGP), on the other hand, has taken LFOV measurement to the next plane of existence. By offering the Fusion family of Multisensor Metrology systems one can now use a LFOV system for 3D measurement. The system when paired with the powerful Zone3 3D CAD capable software becomes a formidable tool for any manufacturer of precision product.

              The Fusion family is the most sophisticated high performance multisensory dimensional measuring system available anywhere in the world. A 100 mm FOV combined with a high-speed transport delivers fast throughput. When higher zoom is required the multi-mag telecentric optics can instantly switch to a higher zoom lens. Additional probes capable of interfacing include: the Telestar TTL Interferometric Laser, the SP25 Scanning Probe, and a Rainbow Probe. Each type os sensor is placed on the optical centerline by the patented rotational deployment mechanism so that full stage travel is possible. Fusion systems also come with the Grid Projector, which allows for high magnification autofocus on low contrast surfaces.

              No other companies producing LFOV Multisensor systems can provide a 3D capable version like the Fusion. Customers needing high accuracy with high throughput on 3D components should consider the Fusion the best fit. Florida Metrology is ready to help you learn more.