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OGP is the world leader in optical and multisensory 3D dimensional measurement systems.

OGP is the largest subsidiary of Quality Vision International (QVI). For nearly 75 years, OGP has made significant advancements in precision and repeatability in the manufacturing industry. OGP designs and manufactures equipment at its’ headquarters in Rochester, NY.

OGP created the first multi sensor dimensional measuring system. Since the original multisensor dimensional measuring system, OGP has a developed over 80 types of quality metrology products designed to meet your specific application requirements.

OGP products provide solutions for applications in the automotive, aerospace, ceramic, clinical, electronic, medical device, semiconductor, plastics, biomedical, and metalworking industries, among others.

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CCP became a part of QVI in 2005. CCP is a leading provider of high quality, new and pre-owned optical comparators and vision systems, incorporating the most advanced optics and imaging technology.

In addition to designing and manufacturing its own optical comparators, CCP is a recognized refurbishment company; not only refurbishing CCP products, but most any comparator on the market. The refurbishment operations are located in Beavercreek, Ohio.

In 2019, CCP was folded into OGP and now the optical comparators and vision systems are sold under the OGP name.

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