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Contour Projectors

Contour Projectors

The function of an optical comparator has not changed over the years, however, the technology involved in capturing the measurements has changed. From better LED lighting, automated stages, to more sophisticated software allows the user to collect more accurate data at quicker speeds.

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OGP’s Video Contour Projector® combines the speed and accuracy of a traditional video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator to create high accuracy shop floor measurement solution.

  • Video Contour Projector®
    • Product c-vision Floor Model c-vision Benchtop c-vision Lite


OGP’s contour projectors combine cutting-edge optics, lighting, and automation technologies for enhanced productivity and profitability. The benchtop and floor model offerings are the industry’s best value and performance solutions for non-contact shop floor measurement. OGP’s comparators range from manually operated 14-inch models to fully motorized 30-inch models with a high capacity stage.

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