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Automated Quality Programming

Save Time with Manufacturing Quality Systems Programming by Fully Automating with OGP Zone3

When launching a new quality program for a new part it often takes a lot of time. Many current CMMs and Video Measurement Systems on the market require a physical part to be in hand before the inspection program can be written for it. This means that by the time a program can be written the new product is only weeks away from full production. This development timeline brings it right down to the wire. Optical Gaging Products (OGP), on the other hand, utilizes a 3D CAD capable software called Zone3 that eliminates this problem.  

With Zone3 if a CAD model of the final design is available the process of writing an inspection routine can proceed. This allows you to determine which features measured with which tools without an actual part being on the stage. Once an actual part is finally in hand only the lighting conditions must be manipulated to ensure the best measurement. Other features in Zone3 speed up the programming process even more, such as “Apply to Similar”. All these capabilities can shrink the time for a new program from weeks or months to days. Another great option is to have a program written at one location and sent to another with only the lighting needing to be adjusted.

As always once a program is written and combined with proper fixturing the actual measurement of parts is extremely simple. Any person with minimal training can be taught to load the fixture choose the correct program and press play. Reporting can then be exported in whatever format is preferable or combined with SPC software. The level of automation can even reach the extent of using robotics to load fixtures and the quality data being tract and processed totally in SPC.

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