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c-vision Lite: Versatility. When Results Matter.

c-vision™ Lite Benchtop Video Contour Projector® is a manual, easy to use shop floor measuring system. Its precision optics and SNAP-X® Compare electronic overlay charts make inspections easier than ever. Like c-vision Benchtop and Floor Model systems, c-vision Lite combines the accuracy and automation of a digital measuring system with the familiarity of an optical comparator - truly offering the best of both worlds.

Precision optics are available with three optical lenses (single fixed lens or multiple lenses in a motorized turret), utilizing LED illumination. c-vision Lite is shop hardened and convenient for use on a workbench with a manual or motorized XY table motion with precision linear scales and fine adjusters.

The SNAP-X Compare virtual chart gage software displays both standard and custom overlay charts making comparative inspections easy.

We are proud that the c-vision family has grown to three platforms. Learn why c-vision systems are the choice of leading manufacturers worldwide.

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