Used Equipment

Used Micro-Vu Vector 6” x 6” Video Measurement System for Sale



Model Number M301

Measurement Volume 6” x 6” x 6” (X, Y, Z)

Linear Accuracy X, Y and Z Overall: ± .0005”

Repeatability ± .0001”

Perpendicularity ± .0005”



  • 25X – 150X standard, Zoom 6.5:1 range
  • Color Video System
  • Surface and Profile Lighting

Digital Read Out – Q-16 Computer

  • Skew calibration and mode for part alignment
  • Radius, center find and polar coordinates from 3 points to 9
  • Angle and vertex calculation from 4 points to 18
  • Memory storage for 100 sets of X and Y points
  • Absolute and incremental measurement capability

Dual Channel Crosshair Generator

  • Overlay black or white crosshairs for easy viewing on multiple materials and surfaces
  • Solid or dashed lines
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment

System Price: $7,000.00

The purchase includes delivery within the state of Florida, set up and calibration. The system will be sold as-is, in working condition with no implied warranty or guarantee. Give us a call at 888-994-2437 or send an email to to request an official quote or learn more about the system.

Upgrade Options

C8150153 Q16 to InSpec for Windows 2.XX Upgrade

For use with InSpec metrology software. Includes InSpec Software, InSpec Module, Scale Junction Box, 25 pin Cable, USB Cable and Power Cable.


V172BN-B ViewEra Black 17″ 8ms LCD Monitor

To replace the larger Sony Trinitron CRT monitor for a clearer image and smaller footprint.


Please call 1-888-994-2437 or email for upgrade pricing.