Optical Comparators


Mitutoyo PH-A14 with KA Counter

  • 14″ Diameter Protractor Screen
  • 8″x4″ Table
  • KA Counter
  • Contour & Surface Illumination
  • Inverted Image on the Day-Bright Screen
  • Resolution .00005″/0.001mm
  • Built in Linear Scale



MicroVu Spectra M1040246

  • 12″x 6″ Travel
  • 14″ Diameter Screen
  • Choice of Lens with Collar
  • Profile & Surface Illumination
  • Q16, Bench Model



Dorsey 16H-220

  • 16″ (400mm) Vertical screen
  • Erect and reversed profile image
  • High resolution ground glass screen with calibration reticle, 90 degree cross lines, and chart clips
  • Machined chart ring with vernier protractor, 1 minute graduation
  • Coated telecentric parfocal optics
  • Quick change single lens mount
  • Fiber optic surface illumination



Visual Precision, Inc.

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Optical Comparator Charts, Scales, Fixtures & Accessories. Screens are available in glass or plastic and charts are available in plastic or mylar. Custom comparator charts can be designed for your application.