293-181Mitutoyo 293-181
QuantuMike Micrometer, range 1-2″/25-50mm, resolution .0005″/0.001mm with SPC Output
Fred Fowler D54-860-113Fred Fowler D54-860-113
IP54 protection level, data output, free ball attachment, Range 0-1″/0-25mm
Fred Fowler D54-860-114Fred Fowler D54-860-114
IP54 protection level, data output, free ball attachment. Range 1-2″/25mm-50mm


P52-235-001_000Fred Fowler D52-235-001-1
Outside Micrometer, Satin chrome finish, ratchet stop, 0-1″ outside range
599-100Brown & Sharpe 599-100
Micrometer, range 0-1.2″, resolution .00016″, no data output
599-126Brown & Sharpe 599-126
Micrometer, range 1-2″, resolution .0002″, IP54 protection level, no data output


156-101Mitutoyo 156-101
Micrometer Stand is designed to provide the convenience of a bench-top tool with hand micrometers or other gauges. Range 0-4″
4151700Mahr Federal 4151700
Micrometer, range 0-1″ resolution .00005″, data output, IP67 protection level
599-125RSBrown & Sharpe 599-125RS
Micrometer, range 0-1.2″, resolution .00016″, IP54 protection level, data output


599-126RSBrown & Sharpe 599-126RS
Micrometer, range 1-2″, resolution .0002″, IP54 Protection Level, data output
Mitutoyo 293-186 QuantuMikeMicrometer, range 1-2″/25-50mm, resolution .00005″/0.001mm, with out SPC output
293-831Mitutoyo 293-831 Digimatic
Micrometer, range 0-1″/0-25.4mm, resolution .00005″/0.001mm, accuracy +/-.0001″, ratchet stop