Contract Inspection

First Article Inspection and General Measurement

Utilizing our Micro-Vu Vertex251UC, we can provide first article inspection for your new part with a full report along with optional DXF and/or Excel Spreadsheet output. We can currently accommodate part sizes of up to 250mm x 160mm x 160mm [9.84″ x 6.30″ x 6.30″] (X x Y x Z).

Reverse Engineering

Do you need dimensions on an unknown part? Do you have an obsolete part that needs replacement, but is missing a drawing to build a new one? We’ve got you covered! Send us your part and we will send you back a DXF file along with a report that can be used to make a new one!

Give us a call at 1-888-994-2437 and one of our Product Engineers will provide a quotation for measurement.